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Expungement in Missouri is now available for many with a few key restrictions. Unfortunately, there are convictions which are not eligible for expungement. If you see your criminal conviction below, sadly, we cannot help.

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Step 1: Review Convictions that CAN’T BE EXPUNGED.

Most Common:Missouri Sex Offender Registry Statutes

  • Crimes of Violence including Misdemeanor and Felony Convictions for Domestic Assault
  • Felony and misdemeanor convictions of Theft OR Stealing

Full List:

Any class A felony offense; 569.065 – Negligent burning or exploding
Any dangerous felony as that term is defined in section 556.061; 569.067 – Fire, negligence in setting or allowing fire to escape on cropland, grassland, marsh, prairie, woodland
Any offense that requires registration as a sex offender; 569.072 – Criminal water contamination (transferred to 577.078)
Any felony offense where death is an element of the offense; 569.100 – Property damage 1st degree
Any felony offense of assault; misdemeanor or felony offense of domestic assault; or felony offense of kidnapping; 569.160 – Burglary in the 1st degree
Any offense listed, or previously listed, in chapter 566 (Sex Crimes) of the Missouri Criminal Code or sections: 570.025 – Robbery in the 2nd degree
105.454 – Conflicts of interest prohibited 570.030 – Stealing, penalties
115.631 – Election offenses and penalties 570.090 – Forgery
130.028 – Prohibitions against discrimination and intimidation relating to elections, penalties 570.100 – Possession of a forging instrumentality
188.030– Abortion of viable unborn child prohibited, penalty 570.130 – Fraudulent use of a credit device
188.080 – Abortion performed by other than a physician, a felony 570.180 – Defrauding secured creditors
191.667 – Intentionally infecting another person with AIDS, penalty 570.223 – Identity theft – penalty – restitution – other civil remedies – exempted activities
194.425 – Abandonment of a Corpse 570.224 – Trafficking in stolen identities
217.360 – Repealed 570.310 – Mortgage fraud
217.385 – Assault on corrections officer or property of an offender, penalty 571.020 – Possession – manufacture – transport – repair – of certain weapons
334.245 – Felony of non-physician performing an abortion, penalty 571.030 – Unlawful use of a weapon
375.991 – Fraudulent insurance act 571.060 – Unlawful transfer of weapons
389.653 – Railroad trespass, misdemeanor and felony (discharges a firearm) 571.063 – Fraudulent purchase of a firearm, penalty, exceptions
455.538 – Failure to surrender custody, violation of ex parte or full order of protection, penalty 571.070 – Possession of firearms unlawful for certain persons
557.035 – Hate crimes, penalty 571.072 – Unlawful possession of explosive weapon, penalty
565.084 – Transferred to 575.095 Tampering with a judicial officer 571.150 – Use or possession of a metal-penetrating bullet during the commission of a crime
565.085 – Transferred to 575.115, endangering a corrections employee, visitor or other offender, penalty 574.070 – Promoting civil disorder in the 1st degree
565.086 – Transferred to 575.157, assaults on employee of department of mental health, visitor or offender 574.105 – Crime of money laundering, penalty
565.095 – Cross burning, transferred to 575.140 * 574.115 – Making a terroristic threat
565.120 – Kidnapping 574.120 – Making a terrorist threat in the 2nd degree.
565.130 – Kidnapping 3rd degree 574.130 – Agroterrorism – penalty – defenses
565.156 – Child abduction 575.040 – Perjury
565.200 – Sexual contact or intercourse with skilled nursing home residents 575.095 – Tampering with a judicial officer, penalty
565.214 – Vulnerable person abuse 575.153 – Crime of disarming a peace officer or correctional officer, penalty
566.093 – 1st degree sexual misconduct, penalties 575.155 – Endangering a corrections employee, visitor, or other offender or prisoner
566.111 – Sex with an animal 575.157 – Endangering a mental health employee, visitor or another offender, penalty
566.115 – Sexual contact with a nursing facility resident or vulnerable person 1st degree 575.159 – Aiding a sexual offender – penalty –applicability of section
568.020 – Incest 575.195 – Detention and evaluation of persons alleged to be sexually violent predators – duties of attorney general and department of mental health (this does not appear to be a criminal statute)
568.030 – Abandonment of a child 1st degree 575.200 – Escape from custody
568.032 – Abandonment of a child 2nd degree 575.210 – Escape or attempted escape from confinement – penalty
568.045 – Endangering the welfare of a child 1st degree 575.220 – Failure to return to confinement
568.060 – Abuse or neglect of a child, penalty 575.230 – Aiding escape of a prisoner
568.065 – Genital mutilation of a child, penalty – affirmative defenses 575.240 – Permitting escape
568.080 – Child used in sexual performance, penalties 575.350 – Repealed (looks like it may have been an offense against police animals)
568.090 – Promoting sexual performance by a child, penalties 575.353 – Assault on a police animal
568.175 – Trafficking in children – elements of crime – penalty 577.078 – Crime of water contamination (also referenced in 569.072)
569.030 – Robbery in the 2nd degree 577.703 – Bus hijacking – penalties
569.035 – Pharmacy robbery in the 2nd degree 577.706 – Planting a bomb or explosive device in or near a bus terminal – threat to commit offense – discharging firearms or hurling missiles – penalties
569.040 – Arson in the 1st degree 578.008 – Formerly agroterrorism, now contained in 577.703
569.050 – Arson in the 2nd degree 578.305 – Bus hijacking, penalties (transferred from to 577.703)
569.055 – Knowingly burning or exploding 578.310 – Bombs and explosives placed in or near buses or terminals (transferred to 577.706)
569.060 – Reckless burning or exploding 632.520 – Offender committing violence against an employee of the department of mental health or employee of a sub-contractor of the department of mental health
105.478 – Conflicts of interest and lobbying offenses penalties

Step 2: Waiting Period

There is a period of time after a conviction you must wait before applying for an expungement. If enough time has not passed, unfortunately, you are ineligible (for now).

Felonies: 7 Years Prior to Today
Misdemeanors: 3 Years Prior to Today

If your conviction is eligible for expungement based on the date of conviction, please continue.

Step 3: Still Eligible? Great!

Felonies in MissouriPlease enter your information below.

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