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Just as there are many different types of fraud, there are many different types of fraud lawyers. Read on to find what’s right for you and your case.

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The Role of a Fraud Lawyer

A fraud lawyer may handle a lot of crimes and civil tort actions. Both state and federal courts are empowered to preside over fraud cases, and fraud attorneys may practice in either or both. Although they are stipulated as criminal acts, instances of fraud are not always tried as criminal cases. When they are handled in civil courts, the plaintiff is generally only awarded financial compensation.

the role of a fraud lawyerFrom the criminal point of view, fraud is considered (and charged as) a felony. Someone convicted of such may be incarcerated for a year or more. Other possible penalties include victim reimbursement or restitution, statutory fines, community service, and the resulting loss of civil rights from a felony conviction. Tax fraud and embezzlement are two common crimes that fit under this umbrella, often referred to as white collar crimes.

Fraud cases can be tough to crack – even in situations where the investigative strength is considerably high. That is why government prosecutors struggle to prove a case despite all the investigative agencies at their disposal.

While it is not difficult to establish that the victim suffered a loss, the problem is backing such claims up with genuine financial records. So, what the plaintiff is expected to do is to prove that the defendant’s original intention was to defraud the victim. In the absence of direct evidence, it may be impossible to show that the defendant’s actions were intentional.

Therefore, there is usually a significant discretion, on the path of government prosecutors, when determining if a case should go to trial. Sometimes, a settlement provides a faster and cheaper resolution.

Experienced fraud lawyers at Carver & Associates can help guide you in your options.

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Specific Types of Fraud Lawyers

To better understand the role of a fraud attorney, you should know a bit about the different categories of fraud and specific types of fraud lawyers.

Medicaid Fraud Lawyers

specific types of fraud lawyersMedicaid fraud audits are complex with the potential to create long-lasting problems. They may even evolve into criminal indictments and civil recovery complaints. Medicaid fraud lawyers work with licensing and health law attorneys to resolve fraud allegations and any resultant issues.

Business Fraud Lawyers

Also referred to as corporate fraud, these activities often appear to be legitimate business practices. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Charity fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Internet auction fraud
  • Internal theft
  • Payoffs
  • Skimming

Business fraud attorneys represent those accused of corporate fraud, as well as the victims of such.

Insurance Fraud Lawyers

When a person lies about a loss or injury for the sole aim of collecting money (compensation) from an insurance company, it is called an Insurance fraud. If you ever find yourself accused of making a false insurance claim, you will need to consult an insurance fraud lawyer for counsel.

Tax Fraud Lawyers

It is not in the purview of the IRS to pursue criminal charges. If you ever find yourself in a tax fraud case, it is best is to consult an experienced tax attorney. He/she can prove your innocence and keep you out of prison, or plead your case so that you get minimum punishment.

Bank Fraud Lawyers

Clients of banks and credit card companies are at risk of exploitation by their financial institutions. Fraudulent tactics include:

  • APR misrepresentation
  • Double charging
  • Failure to post timely payments to account
  • Hidden fees
  • Late fees
  • Unauthorized charges

Bank fraud lawyers provide advice and representation to assist victims of this type of crime.

Securities Fraud Lawyers

Shareholders and investors of publicly-traded companies are protected by laws that are in place to ensure the companies comply with specific rules. A securities fraud lawyer will assist you in understanding the complicated and evolving laws of financial investments.

Auto Fraud Lawyers

When an automobile dealer uses deceitful strategies to secure a sale or make more money from the buyer that he/she wanted to spend, it is called dealer fraud. This can happen in the course of advertising, negotiating, or during the actual purchase. An auto fraud lawyer can fight for the victim’s reimbursement.

Identity Fraud Lawyers

This type of fraud involves the use of false identification to commit or facilitate crimes. Identity fraud lawyers are well-trained and are competent at protecting the rights of victims of identity theft. These attorneys also hold a vast knowledge of the remedies and rights available to a victim of identity theft under the state and federal laws.

Credit Fraud Lawyers

One of the most common forms of identity theft is a credit card fraud. You will require the expertise of a credit card fraud attorney in understanding your rights and getting a competent representation in court.

Check Fraud Lawyers

When a person, a group, or a business attempts to make a purchase, withdraw bank account funds, or complete financial attractions using a fake check, it is referred to as check fraud.

For the best legal representation when dealing with any type of fraud, you should consult a skilled and experienced attorney, such as those found with Carver & Associates. In the Springfield, MO area, they can provide the information and peace of mind you are looking for.

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