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IRS Tax Attorney

The Internal Revenue Service, better known as the IRS… Many business owners, as well as individual citizens, dread the same thing: what if my name comes up with this agency? Exactly what does it mean? Will I be audited or even worse?

Take it from an experienced IRS tax attorney. It’s extremely important to deal with the situation head-on if you have tax troubles and are facing an IRS investigation. IRS tax issues are a sensitive and critical issue, and any error in the procedures can cost you seriously. You may have to spend time and money sorting out the problems and deal with a lot of headaches because of the complicated nature of tax legislation. At worst, you might land you in jail.

You probably know that it is the law for every wage-earning American to submit a yearly tax return. Similarly, every company must file labor taxes. Taxes apply to every dollar an American wins, makes, or barters for. This is the law, and it is inescapable. Taxes are even mentioned in the United States Constitution. The penalties for refusing to pay taxes can be as intense as incarceration, and IRS tax cases can be publicly humiliating, especially if a big-name company or well-known person is the one accused of tax fraud.

When it comes to questions from the IRS, the average American citizen may be able to handle discussions, but there are a number of cases in which hiring an IRS tax attorney is extremely beneficial.

Hiring A Tax Lawyer

In the case that you’ve been negotiating with the IRS and representatives visit your office or house to ask additional questions, now is the time for hiring a tax lawyer. Bear in mind that after an official investigation is started with the IRS, sharing information with them may be inadvertently self-incriminate you.

Don’t try to deal with these charges without a lawyer who will protect your rights and frame your arguments in the manner that is most positive.

Missouri IRS Tax Lawyer

For any range of reasons, you might be a bit delayed when it comes to paying or filing your taxes. This happens to a lot of people and is not always a cause for alarm, as long as you handle it properly. However, when you’re so behind on paying and/or filing taxes that you start to receive warnings from the government like a Notice of IRS Tax Lien or a Missouri Tax Warrant, it’s time to call a Missouri IRS tax lawyer.

IRS Tax LawyerIt is natural to feel anxious and confused about the right steps to take if you are facing IRS tax issues or tax fraud allegations. Our Missouri IRS tax lawyers will walk you through the process and represent you in front of the Missouri Department of Revenue along with the IRS to get the best result possible.

IRS tax attorneys from Carver, Cantin, & Mynarich can assist with common tax problems like:

  • Federal (IRS) and MO Tax Problems
  • Missouri Petitions for Abatement
  • Back Taxes and Garnishments
  • Tax Warrants
  • Tax Liens
  • Audits

An IRS garnishment is a legal order stating that money can be taken directly from your paycheck and given to the government in order to pay the back taxes you owe. There are regulations specifying exactly how this must be done and how much may be taken.

A tax lien is often confused with a levy. The IRS can file a federal tax lien if you neglect or refuse to pay your taxes; this lien says the government has a legal claim to your property. It is done in order to secure payment of the debt, and it’s effective because most people get so worried about their property being taken that they straighten up and make a plan to handle their back taxes. In a tax levy situation, the property is actually taken away from you in order to satisfy your debt.

The Missouri Taxpayer Bill of Rights has more useful definitions of complex tax and legal terminology, and your Missouri IRS tax lawyer can provide more information on these issues.

IRS Tax Attorney Near Me

You know how it feels if you’ve been sent a note by the IRS, you think, “I need an IRS attorney near me!” It’s difficult to have peace of mind when your answers to the IRS are seemingly ignored, or you cannot get a response to your claims or your queries. An IRS tax attorney from Carver, Cantin, & Mynarich can help ease your worries and fill you in on what’s happening behind the scenes during those long silences from the IRS.

IRS Tax Attorney Near MeWe provide assistance in overcoming issues associated with back taxes, such as tax warrants, tax levies, tax exemptions, garnishments and Petitions for Abatement. Among our team, we have many years of experience handling criminal tax law issues and defending clients against tax-related charges. We stand up to the Missouri Department of Revenue and the IRS for you.

We represent business professionals, CPAs, stockholders, and many others with their most critical IRS and criminal tax cases. Our team is highly regarded in the Missouri criminal lawyer community for our expertise in defending white collar crime prosecutions.

Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys in Springfield, Missouri.

Why Hire A Tax Attorney

Why hire a tax attorney? Well, there are multiple reasons you might do so. One is, of course, to defend you in court if your tax liability case actually goes to trial. However, even before your tax case gets to that point there are reasons you might want to hire a tax attorney.

A reason to hire an IRS tax attorney early in the process is to help you make the right decisions. More than anyone else, a tax attorney is going to have expertise in attaining tax settlements. An accountant may know about taxes themselves, but they may not have a complete comprehension of the intricacies of the many settlement applications. Codes and tax laws are many, and the time needed to complete them varies.

Tax AttorneyAmong the lots of applications available for troubled citizens to repay or lessen the total amount of tax liability owed, there is a method called the Offer in Compromise. This program has specific criteria so not everyone can use it, but if it does apply to your situation it is a straightforward, streamlined way to obtain debt relief. In addition to being able to advise you if you qualify for this or other tax relief programs, an experienced IRS tax attorney will be able to negotiate on your behalf if the IRS does not accept your initial application.

Another reason to hire a tax attorney is to help you manage and meet the deadlines imposed by the IRS. In your tax case, you will find that missing deadlines lead to additional penalties. It can often be difficult to communicate with the IRS, though, so sometimes it is hard to avoid missing a deadline. Professional assistance with the schedule of your case can help. Your tax attorney will know how to get the attention of the IRS and can draft your communications for you. They will also make sure you have a written record of communication, in case anything is called into question later on.

Finally, if your IRS tax case does move forward and it looks like the case might go to court, it’s important to recognize that your IRS tax attorney cannot testify against you. This is due to attorney-client privilege. Your accountant or CPA does not have this privilege and could be called into court to testify against you. So, an attorney is a safer choice to discuss your tax problems, since they will not be able to incriminate you.

Being under collections procedure in the IRS is a hazardous time and the incorrect advice can be quite pricey. Don’t take any chances. Seek the services of an IRS tax attorney for the best chance of receiving IRS tax relief or beating your IRS case. In the case that you’ve been negotiating with the IRS and representatives visit your office or house to ask additional questions, now is the time for hiring a tax lawyer. Bear in mind that after an official investigation is started with the IRS, sharing information with them may be inadvertently self-incriminate you.

Don’t try to deal with these charges without a lawyer who will protect your rights and frame your arguments in the manner that is most positive.

Get help now. IRS Tax Attorneys are standing by.

Criminal Tax Attorney

If you are facing tax evasion or tax fraud charges, a criminal tax attorney can help. Tax evasion and tax fraud are criminal offenses with which the IRS charges taxpayers if they refuse to file tax returns, pay those taxes, or disclose each and every source of revenue.

Criminal Tax AttorneyFacing these criminal charges means dealing with prosecution fees, paying interest on tax owed, other financial penalties possibly including liens or levies, incarceration, and public humiliation. Your crime is made public on the IRS’s website, along with your name, town, and state. Although you may not be able to have this information retracted if it has already been published, a criminal tax attorney can assess your situation and give you the best legal representation so that the penalties do not grow worse.

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Average Jail Time for Tax Evasion

The average jail time for tax evasion charges varies, and many elements go into determining your sentence if you are convicted of tax fraud.

The United States Sentencing Commission’s (USSC) 2017 report on tax fraud shares the following statistics:

  • The average length of a tax fraud prison sentence was 17 months, or one year and five months. This represents a two-month sentencing increase from 2016, when the average prison sentence was 15 months.
  • Approximately 59% of the convicted offenders “were sentenced to imprisonment only.”

Average Jail Time for Tax EvasionThough the USSC is the official source on average jail time, other sources list the average sentence for tax evasion as 3-5 years. Five years is the maximum sentence allowed for a single count of tax evasion, although if there are more counts of evasion the jail time can exceed 5 years.

There are factors that can increase the expected sentence for tax evasion. Some of these factors include taking a leadership role in the offense, abusing a position of power in order to evade taxes, or using sophisticated means to conceal your tax evasion.

On the other hand, there are factors (such as having a minimal role in tax evasion) that can decrease the expected sentence too. It all depends on your particular circumstances.

Know your legal options for free. Speak with experienced IRS Tax Attorneys.

Tax Avoidance Vs Tax Evasion

The difference between tax avoidance vs tax evasion can be confusing. Here, an experienced IRS tax attorney explains.

Tax evasion is also known as tax fraud. This is when a citizen evades assessment or payment of taxes stated in Federal or state law. Conviction of tax evasion might lead to imprisonment and other penalties, including fines.

Tax Avoidance Vs Tax EvasionOn the subject of tax evasion, the tax code is explained as follows in 26 United States Code section 7201:

  • Sec. 7201. Attempt to evade or defeat tax
  • Any person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100,000 ($500,000 in the case of a corporation), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.

Tax avoidance is different than tax evasion. Tax avoidance is the legal use of the tax code to your own advantage. A common way this is talked about is finding “loopholes” within the law so as to cut the total amount of tax that you owe.

The key thing to remember is that while tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is prohibited. If you have questions about your tax strategies, do not try to figure it out alone as you might end up breaking the law. Contact an experienced IRS tax attorney for assistance.

Don’t delay. Aggressive IRS Tax Attorney help now.

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