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A Sex Crime Lawyer can assist if you have been accused of a range of sexually-based offenses, from rape to sexual assault to child pornography.

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Sex Crime Lawyer

The office of a sex crime lawyer should be your first telephone call if you have been arrested and charged with any of the categories of these inflammatory offenses. It is likely that no other crime carries the stigma that a sex crime does. In fact, a conviction of this has life-long implications, such as being registered on the national sex offender registry list, etc.

Sex Crime Lawyer sectionThese are complicated legal issues with at least two sides to the story, and the state must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the validity of the charges in order to convict you. As with other crimes in the United States, you are legally considered innocent until proven guilty. However, we know that even the accusation of a sex crime can be damaging to one’s life and reputation.

The skilled and aggressive attorneys of Carver & Associates will provide you with the best legal advice and advocacy for your situation.

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Sex Crime Attorney: Why You Need One

Retaining a qualified sex crime attorney is a vital step in your legal defense. Attempting to make important legal choices on your own is unwise, and using an overworked public defender is likely to result in a plea bargain. Pleading guilty can be the best choice in some situations. However, taking a plea also means you may be sentenced, even if you are innocent.

Sex Crime AttorneyA dedicated sex crime lawyer will listen to the charges against you, hear your side of the story, and build a case that gives you the best possible chances of being found not guilty.

Depending on the severity of the case, you could be charged with a felony, a misdemeanor, or multiple counts that include each. With stakes this high, it is crucial that you consult a qualified sex crime lawyer in your area.

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What Is a Sex Crime?

With so many factors involved, many people want to know: What is a sex crime? These offenses generally occur when there is a lack of permission about the particular sexual acts perpetrated, or that one of the persons involved did not have the capacity to grant that permission. This is typically referred to as consent or lack of consent. This frequently cause disputes between the alleged victim and the alleged offender as to what the facts are.

What Is a Sex CrimeGenerally, a sexual offense occurs when the act is unwanted or offensive to the other party. Although this can consist of actions as violent as forced sexual assault, it also includes many less obvious acts like unwanted kissing, groping or even threatening an unwanted advance. Depending on the state, sex crimes can include sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, prostitution or solicitation, indecent exposure, child pornography, and more.

The severity of the crime determines the charges at the state level. This can include whether permanent injuries resulted, a weapon was used, or if the alleged victim was a minor. In order to properly legally defend your case when the matter is vague, you should consult a local attorney experienced with their state’s laws, for example, Missouri sex offender laws.

So, What Are Sex Crimes?

The textbook answer to the question “What are sex crimes?” differs by state and jurisdiction. And in real life, sex crime cases are often messy, with different accounts of what happened and in some cases, embarrassment or fear of coming forward about a crime. This is why it is such a complex matter to understand and defend. An experienced sex crime lawyer is likely the only way to retain your freedom, or at least reduce the charges in many cases.

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Sex Crime Law Explained

One of the best ways to learn about sex crime laws is to ask local sex crime lawyers. Unless you are being charged, however, you are unlikely to do that.

Sex Crime Law ExplainedA criminal sex act requires a nonconsensual physical intimacy with another person. These usually include penetration, but actions like unwanted groping may also be prosecuted.

Cases such as these are tough to clearly understand since the accuser and the supposed offender are often the only ones who actually know what took place. Plus, unfortunately, some individuals use these allegations as weapons of retaliation or manipulation. To minimize the consequences of an unfounded accusation, it is vital to retain the counsel of a sex crime lawyer immediately.

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What Types of Sex Crimes Are There?

One of the most identifiable types of sex crimes is like rape. Rape is classified as sexual relations either without the accuser’s permission or with a victim who is lawfully not able to provide consent, such as when the following issues were present.

  • The presence of a lethal weapon
  • Types of Sex CrimesThreat of force
  • Use of force
  • The victim is unconscious
  • The victim has a mental disability
  • The victim is under the legal age of consent
  • “Date-rape” drugs were used

These are difficult cases to try, as the issue of consent is difficult to prove or disprove. Both parties may even believe they were correct in their understanding of whether permission had been granted and to what extent.

Other Types of Sex Crimes

Besides rape, there are several other types of sex crimes that demand the assistance of a sex crime lawyer knowledgeable and experienced with the nuances of each. These include the following:

  • Prostitution or solicitation for prostitution
  • Sexual assault or deviant conduct
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Indecent activities with a minor
  • Child pornography or exploitation

Sex crimes against minors are taken very seriously, as legally children are not capable of providing consent.

Child molestation includes sexual relations and deviant sexual conduct, which may include exposing yourself in front of a child or event sending explicit digital messages (known as “sexting”). Although the victim of a child sex crime must be under the age of 14, the accused can be any age.

If you or your child has been involved in underage sexting, consult an attorney familiar with the risks of teen sexting.

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Sex Crimes Lawyer: What Defenses Are Available

Although the potential consequences are dire, a sex crimes lawyer can determine what your best line of defense is. The strategy depends largely on what the charges are and what the truth is. Several of the most commonly used defenses include:

  • Sex Crimes LawyerAccident or lack of intent
  • False accusations
  • False forensic testing methods or conclusions
  • False or misleading witness testimony
  • Legally married to the minor
  • Mistaken identity
  • Valid consent was obtained

Although these are the most commonly utilized in court, there are many other defenses. A sex crime lawyer is needed to help prepare your case, examine the evidence, offer you the most reasonably successful strategy, and represent you in court.

Retain a Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Regardless of the allegations against you, a sex crime defense attorney will provide the advocacy you need when you step into the courtroom. In fact, with the right counselor, if you are innocent your case may never go to trial. Legally, you are presumed innocent unless the state can prove its charges.

The outcome of sex crime cases is often determined by whose story is more credible and who is more believable. In many instances, the charges will be reduced or even dismissed. Improve your chances and contact us.

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