Causes of Auto Accidents in the U.S.

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Despite advances in technology, car accidents still happen. Some are minor, while others can drastically affect someone’s life. If you suffer an injury after an accident, you should know what caused the crash to get maximum compensation.

Here is an overview of the leading causes of auto accidents in the U.S., preventive measures you can take on the road and why speaking with a car accident attorney in Springfield is essential. 


Distracted driving remains the leading cause of road accidents in the US. Some drivers don’t pay attention to the road – they talk on the phone, read, groom, or eat while driving. Your life is far more important, so you should keep the distractions to a minimum.


Driving over the recommended speed limit causes auto accidents. The faster you drive, the slower the reaction time. Always stay within the recommended speed limit.


A reckless driver disregards all the rules on the road. Why put yourself and others at risk? If you act aggressively on the road or change the lanes too quickly, this can result in fatal accidents. To avoid them, you should stay calm behind the wheel.

Alcohol and drugs can also contribute to reckless driving.


It’s estimated that 40% of accidents in the US occur at intersections. If you don’t obey the stop signs, you risk injuring yourself and others.

If you don’t stop when the traffic lights go red, you risk impact collisions at high speeds. To avoid car accidents, you should pay attention to oncoming cars as you approach the lights. Many rollover accidents happen when drivers run the stop signs.


Drowsiness, exhaustion, and sleepiness can impair a driver’s ability to respond and react to situations. When a driver is feeling drowsy, he cannot react to situations on the road. Fatigued drivers can’t process information fast, and this can result in car accidents. In extreme cases, a driver can fall into microsleep. Some of the symptoms that a driver is fatigued are tired eyes, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, yawning, and inability to remember directions.


Rain and snow can affect the traction on the tires. This can cause the vehicle to slide off the road or hit other objects.


Driving at night doubles the risk of causing a car accident. If you can’t see what is ahead, you may not anticipate anything. Not to mention, when the sun goes down, your awareness of the road reduces. If you drive on a road with no streetlights, you should utilize the high beams.


You should never drive too close to the car in front of you. Even if you’re frustrated being stuck behind a slow driver, you should take deep breaths and calm down. When you maintain a safe distance, you can respond to sudden changes.


When driving on the streets, you should understand the signs that could cost your life. You can avoid simple mistakes by respecting the right of way and using turn signals properly.


Vehicles must go through rigorous testing. If you maintain your car regularly, some issues can be caught long before they bring any harm.

While most car accidents in the US are a result of human error, others are inevitable. If you’ve been in an accident, you should contact an attorney to pursue your case.

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